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Nibirans described asteroids as parts of Earth knocked into space when, four billion decades in the past, a moon of Nibiru struck Tiamat. “Debris from the decrease 50 % of Tiamat stretched into Area. Sumerian texts plus the biblical Variation thereof” reported the asteroid belt, a bracelet of debris, orbited the sun involving Jupiter and Mars, “but our astronomers were not mindful of that” till in 1801 Piazzi identified the first asteroid, Ceres. “It’s taken modern day astronomy hundreds of years to determine what Sumerians understood 6,000 yrs in the past. [

Igigi adopted Inanna to Indus Valley. Inanna roamed “the lands and took a liking for the individuals that within the upper simple of the two rivers dwelt.

, and that’s how it appeared like from The within, mainly because it turned out. Even though Michael and Loki have been nevertheless standing outside the house, Loki advised him that there were some individuals inside the “Genie Bottle”

Following she bore Abael and Ka-in,Titi bore 30 sons and daughters to her brother Adapa. Among the by themselves, the Anunnaki dispersed these Youngsters and taught them to write, do math and astronomy; they taught them to cultivate crops, husband animals, dig wells.

At the appropriate time, seize the missiles and prevail around all rivals. With the weapons your freedom receive

“Winding methods lead from the northern edge with the Sacred Plaza up a hill whose best was flattened to function a System for the Intihuatana, a fantastic read a stone Minimize with precision to measure the actions in the Solar, ascertain the solstices and make the Sunshine return, lest it return the Earth to darkness that happened right before.”

“On the best way back again, carrying the peace concept, Banda fell Ill; his spirit still left him. His comrades lifted his neck, without the breath of lifestyle it absolutely was.

Joseph channeled Nile water at large flood level by way of a natural depression to an artificial lake near Hawara. He built canals and underground pipes for miles inside the Fayam area, and produced Fayem the breadbasket of Egypt.

has only three walls” and on its open, western facet” faces a 7 foot tall pillar for “astronomical sighting needs.

Then, at Enki’s put in Iraq—Eridu-Basara—Ningishzidda secretly manufactured Adamu and Ti-Amat breedable. “Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda were not content until eventually they came up which has a human few who can be a match for their own personal minds and lifestyle—who showed a similar mental, psychological, and creative potentials and skills to know and grasp scientific facts and technologies which they themselves experienced.

Loki then intervened and said he builder pattern experienced spoken to Michael currently, plus they both considered mankind is ready for open up contact with races from other worlds and dimensions, and come to be customers from the Galactic Group.

“Granite Employed in The good Pyramid presents off a major electromagnetic charge, incorporates 25% quartz and it has the chance to enrich sound. The magnitite during the granite is often a organic magnet that makes around it a magnetic field. The Giza pyramids’ Main contains purple granite, Probably the most conductive rocks in the world due to its high contents of quartz, iron, and magnitite.

The tunnels bring on chambers that pop over here join the 5 pyramids. The chambers held ceramic sculptures with runic composing on them.

Marduk’s incoming faction delivers us alternatively a “direct democracy” to run the planet as opposed to Nannar’s electrical power elite. Marduk’s operatives and agents have infiltrated all Nannar’s corporations stated earlier mentioned and so they happen to be assassinating Nannar’s Earthling assets and Anunnaki brokers; that’s why the Nannar’s Anunnaki often travel in pairs now.

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