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Nibirans gave Earthlings “meals and shelter while they done grueling tasks, The main reason for which they didn't understand.

Below can be an e-mail from this magic formula group of insiders I mentioned. They started to inquire me position blank questions which include the next; (they're actual Lower & pastes from talks I have had with them)…..”

Here is an example of an insider’s data given to me pertaining to this blood anomaly/bloodline [which] the Background Channel discovered.”

On Mars, Nibirans manned a spaceport and lasered a monument to Alalu, one particular in their kings, who was exiled to Mars and died there.

This Ninmah couldn't recall: the emissary was as young like a son, she was as his olden mom.” Galzu explained to her she’d aged and he hadn’t due to the fact she and her brothers lived on Earth so very long.

You recognize, both of these Michaels have a distinct job to Engage in Within this whole ridiculous point we have been all participating in.

Enlil installed Shulgi’s son, Amar-Sin, King of Sumer and sent him to stop a revolt while in the north, then combat an alliance of five kings together the Mediterranean in the west.

The world is familiar with now you may have anything inside your blood which makes you different, even without you very seriously knowing what it really is. Or do you?

Sumerians Display screen rocket route maps and verbal descriptions they are saying the gods dictated of planets and their orbits beyond eye-selection. Dim dwarf star Nemesis’ orbit plus the orbit on the Nibiran planetary intricate brings Nibiru from some a thousand astronomical units away for the vicinity of Earth, on a 30degree plane to Earth’s orbit , between Mars and Jupiter.

Enlil designed a massive temple for Solomon in Jerusalem, pursuing exactly the same design for your landing System there that he’d used for the landing planform at Baalbek, Lebanon.

as we of Nibiru are. Our ancestor the Apeman is; into us he evolves. Pace Apeman shall we, pace him but some many decades to what has normally been his Future.”

Buildings useful site and plazas form specific rectangulars and squares aligned with east-west as the main axis.” The builders “ingeniously employed the two levels of the tributaries to produce a flow for panning gold. The website at the time held ultramodern machinery.

A lot of the other Study Fellows are executing just that now, a few of whom have builders depot now published for all customers of the “XXXX” Group to read and touch upon. You may then have the prospect and possibility to connect with them by phone and by messenger on the things they mentioned about what you wrote, and defend, modify and update your position of view. Most every thing you read will go a long way towards assisting you unlearn what you learned right before and what you believe you know about the topic(s). I’m in this article to inform you that not all is the way in which it’s cracked out to be. Fox Mulder, the famous FBI agent within the X-Data files had a stating on his office wall Having said that, “The Truth is in existence!

Undertakers brought his body for the royal cemetery of Ur. They drugged builders durban his pals and attendants in his burial chamber, then killed them.

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